Define HERstory is the ‘Inspire’ portion of Nerdy Girl Success. It is my way of interacting with you and discussing important women’s issues. I’ll be sharing women’s inspirational stories from CEOs to political leaders to ‘every day’ women and girls who are working to change the world.

Define HERstory is my way of helping women and girls redefine how we view ourselves, our value, our worth and our legacies. They help us find our strength and rewrite the way society defines what it means to be a woman.

If you have someone you think I should interview, please send me their name and why they help Define HERstory by using the Contact Form.

The first #defineHERstory project was my way of celebrating the anniversary of the 19th Amendment which gave women the right to vote. The impact of the 19th Amendment was far reaching in that it led the way in enabling women to empower themselves and changed the political discourse in this country. Before the signing, women couldn’t own or inherit property without being married and job opportunities were slim with menial pay. So in this first photo campaign, women and girls were asked to post pictures of themselves at their jobs, from motherhood to CEOs of major corporations. You can still participate! Post a picture of yourself at work on Facebook or Instagram, tag @NerdyGirlSuccess in the post and use the hashtag #defineHERstory.