Get Past Your Fears – Being afraid is a normal emotion for everyone. Whether you’re afraid of failing or afraid of success (yes, some people are afraid of what will happen if they succeed), that’s perfect natural. How you get past your fear is the determining factor. You do that by setting realistic goals and then examining those goals on occasion to do any necessary realignment. Above all, believe in yourself and the desire burning within you that you can achieve it.

Goal Planning – Having a plan with goals, milestones and deliverables such as contracts, business plans, etc and accomplishments is essential. This provides you with a visual as to what you are working for, what milestones you have successfully met and where you need to do better.

Make sure those goals are attainable and realistic. If you set your sights too high, you are more likely to fail. It’s ok to have one big goal but break it into smaller attainable goals to work towards. Completing these smaller goals will keep you motivated no matter how long it takes you to reach the final big goal.

Make the Most of Each Day – You have the power to choose how you’re going to start your day. You can start your day grumpy and irritable or you can start it grateful. You are in control of that. Choose to wake up declaring a few things you are grateful for and what how that changes your day.

Also, schedule your time productively. If you choose to scroll on Facebook or stay up late and oversleep, the results will be an unfocused and unproductive day. Schedule your time carefully and reap the rewards.

Build Your Circle – Throughout the process of reaching your goals, conduct a ‘sanity check’. Look for someone you trust and who is successful themselves. As you move through your action steps towards your goals, bounce ideas off them to help keep you on track. Ask them to provide honest feedback and suggestions.

Surround yourself with people who have different expertise. These relationships can help you answer questions, provide guidance and ongoing support and the encouragement you need.

And grab an accountability partner. When you know you have to answer to someone and that they are watching your progress, you will work that much harder so you don’t disappoint them and yourself.

Delegate – As you are working on your goals, you will find that there are many more things to do than there are hours in the day. Many of those things you may not have the skill or knowledge in. Delegate. Consider hiring someone; even if it’s part-time or on a freelance basis to help take some of those items of your plate. You will be surprised at how much this will ease the situation and allow you the ability to focus on the things that need your full attention.

Say No – Learn how to say no. It may be difficult at first but it will get easier. How do you know when to say no and when to say yes? Does saying yes to them mean saying no to yourself? Will it distract you from your goals or what you need to get done? Then that is the time to say no. And it’s okay to say no. It will free you up to do what is necessary.

Write It Down – How many times have you had an idea while doing the dishes, or watching TV and thought “I’ll get to that in a second.”? When that free time comes around, you have forgotten what it is that you wanted to write down or even that there was an idea to begin with! Keep a journal or notepad handy at all times. When you have an idea, write it down immediately.

Gratitude – Be thankful not just for your accomplishments but also your failures. Having a grateful attitude is important. It will help you stay humble, which in turn, will help you continue striving for the ultimate in success.

Believe – You need to not only believe in the product/service you are providing, you also need to believe in your. Your confidence is what will get you through the difficult challenges.

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